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Downton Abbey Season 1 Episode 1 Reactions

So searching on tumblr I saw some people doing reaction blogs for different shows.  I thought it could be funny for Downton, and I just want to rewatch them all :)

Episode 1:

Welcome to Downton Abbey

Oh, no! The first two heirs drowned on the Titanic

“She’s a girl stupid.  Girls can’t inherit.”

Professor McGonagall is here!

Thomas and O’Brien scheming against Bates.

Maybe we will fire Bates because he’s disabled.

A young Duke wants to visit!

O’Brien makes Bates fall.

Edith is annoying at dinner and snitches about the exploring.

The Duke and Thomas the footman kiss!!

Thomas threatens to blackmail the Duke, but the Duke destroys the evidence.

Lord Grantham decides to keep Bates.

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